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Jingles.Net creates all kinds of innovative jingles for all sorts of products, services, companies and people. Jingles for all media and entertainment branding. Mood music, special effects & sonic branding. Jingles for all businesses and projects. Get deals for this year.

Listen to our  jingle demo which makes a real change from the usual jingle sweepers  jingle companies make - yawn yawn.

listen to main demo

Listen to Kerry Noble's demo


We design quality jingles, radio sweepers, background music and special effects for all media all over the world. Our jingle packages are one-stop buyouts - no re licensing fees apply. If you're looking for same day service we can e mail your personalized jingles, sweepers & sounds in mp3 format today - payment via credit card.

Jingles.Net makes internet jingles, radio sweepers and sonic branding for web sites, radio stations, advertising agencies, internet web sites, multi media, TV companies, DJs & radio presenters.

Fun, serious and news - we do it all. We use exceptional voice talent and produce personalized mood music for any project. We also create special effects and sound elements for all film and multi media. Jingles geared to enhance products and services everywhere. 

In order to best assist you further, we need information relating to your jingle needs. Fax, write, or e mail with the type of jingles you want and the kind of venue or application in which you want to use them.
We'll concept ideas and branding strategy based on your information and apply our creative team to your service or product. Jingle production costs vary, so at this stage you should provide some details on your project so we can continue.

You'll receive a price quote within 24 hours.


Our jingle packages are buyouts - no re licensing fees apply.